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Saturday, March 12th, 2005
10:26 am
Alright...i made a new journal..it's strawbery_death ....check it out..add me i dont care..I just got tired of this journal..it's boring..lol..ok..well spanks!                                              ana

current mood: cold

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Thursday, February 10th, 2005
8:39 pm - selina
Come run away with me..I promis i'll love you forever...
If you'just trust me this one time...
I'll never hurt you agian...
My heart has slowly began to heal..
Just when you thought it was over it was only the beginning..
We've been friends for so long..
In your eyes i see my sun shining..
On your lips i can feel the pain..
If I could only take back time..
I'll never hurt you agian...
If you'd just trust me this one time....
I promis i'll love you forever....

Ana O'steen

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Monday, February 7th, 2005
3:27 pm
"I'm lost without you, somewhere in the darkness there is a cure for my broken heart...my eyes are soar, from all the searching i've done, my soul is bare from all the love i gave, somewhere out there their is an excuse for the lies you've told, somewhere out there their is truth in your words, but i am not going to look, i am not going to try...it's over." David's eyes filled with tears, his hands shaking by his side. "I've died for you, I've laid down my body for you...what have you done?" he shook with tears, his head hanging low. " I have done for myself what you have done for yourself...died, bled for love..love that wouldnt last." Raven closed her eyes and rolled the sleeve of her shirt up, dark gashes lined her flesh. "Is this proof enough?" David took her arm, "Proof enough, just because you bleed...just because you mark your skin with scars of hatred and pain..does not make me a lesser love, i've tried..and tried to be fair, but this "thing" has gone too far..." Ravens eyes shot open, her hand pulling away from his. "So this is the end...the end of time as we know it...kill me now, i cannot wait anylonger." Raven stepped up to david, her face in his, "Kiss me though, one last time." He could feel her hot breath graze his face, her hands crawling towards his head, "It's only a kiss..." He pressed his face against hers, their soft lips mingling, as they pulled away David bit down, tearing a peice of her flesh away. She felt the blood dip down her chin, "You still love me.." They pulled away, eyes locked, hands down by their side. "I cant be with you anymore..." with those final words he pulled the blade from his pocket, grabbed Ravens neck and tore a fine slit around it, the blood flooded peacefully as she crumbled to the ground...


"please dont let me go, I dont want to lose you again." Ravens grip loosened around Davids arm, the tears slid down her face, it hit David's cheek, the tear shattered, like glass. "Rave, please....dont." Raven let go, her scream filling the cold night air, "I love you..." David wispered, his body falling throught the sky, into the darkness below.

Hey..these are a couple of stories that i wrote on another thing, i'll start writing more on this one..sorry..hmm well laters homies!!

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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005
3:21 pm - sometimes, i wanna bash ur head in with a shovel...
hehe why dont your bitches just grow up and get over yourselves..."you think ur so cool" dont start shit and there wont be any shit...are you jelouse that i found friends better than you? friends that dont actually leave you out of shit? that elvis presley shirt looked good in flames...just wanted to mention that..hmm...dont fuck with me..and i wont fuck with you, honestly GROW UP...cant live without talking shit for one second can you guys? hmmm..and guess what..you dont like to be around shit talkers and woo...Well look at urselves in the mirror...you talk shit..all the fucking time..like today at school...boo hoo...your not hurting my feelings, ur pissin me off...dont. IT'S NOT WORTH IT, TRUST ME...

current mood: annoyed

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Thursday, January 27th, 2005
10:23 am - hey
hey guys, hmm me and my mom arent talking, she went psycho on me when i told ehr that i was going to move back to japan, she told me that i wouldnt be able to go, but screw her...she is trying to dick me out of going for the second time..i'll be back my senior year, but she was like "no..blah blah" but sometimes i think about it...mebe i dont really want to go...well i have to go..in class! byebye

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Sunday, January 23rd, 2005
5:40 pm - hey
hey i know i havent posted in a while, soryr..hmm..getting ready to go eat chinese, no one is ready..it's poo.hmm...i dont want to take those stupid tests on tuesday..gay!!! ahh..ywa well anywho. i need to wash my pants..they have makeup all over them..i need more pants..i'm getting tired of my old pants..they are all too big..ahhh anyway..well i dont feel like talking..i have another site thing too...xxxsaosinxxx and it's on xanga.com

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Friday, January 21st, 2005
6:22 pm - poopy doody
Hey losers, hehe..i'm bored, when i can finally get out i dont know where to go..thats gay..but i can stay home and watch movies with my mom. I'll probbley go to the white rabbit this saturday..i dunno , crystal and i might go..but anyway. SOOO..i wanna see nepolian dynamite soo bad..it looks really funny.heheh. I dunno what to talk about anymroe.OOOH it's really weird..at school i hang out with this girl named rosie and my friend connie at lunch on A days, well we were sitting at this table and these four guys came and sat down with us..ooh one of them were beautiful i swear..gah...ahhh beautiful, i saw him in the hall way and just drooled..hehe well thats not all, after school we were all standing by the buses and this guys just comes up to us and asks us all of our names..ok then today after school this guy kept sayin hi to me..he was cute, and finally he came by me one more time and said hi, i was like " i dont know you, but hi!" hhehehe..and then i found out this boy named ryan likes me...he has poofy hair, well thats what my friend said,,he told her, he likes like everyone in out class.lol. but hey thats beside the point. ANYWAY....hmm..ok..well i'm gunna go, my mouth is dry as chalk! love love love!

current mood: content

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Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
4:23 pm
hey guys i am trying to update as quick as i can..my mom and mitch should be home soon...so hows everyone? i went to the white rabbit on friday..god it was awsome..we saw a band and i got their cd and a t-shirt...i got the cd signed by the whole band..it was soooo coool...anyway...one of these days we should all go together..it would be fun! hehe...I dont get off grounded until my next report card..which is extremely gay...i want to get my hair dyed all the way brown..i am sick of this blonde crapola! hehehe..maybe then i'll fit in with my family. OUCH i tired to streach my ears to zeros today after school that shit hurts like a biznich..grrrr  i wanted to cry! hmm.....I AM GLAD NO ONE IS FIGHTING ANYMORE! it makes my tummy go blooobidy bloop..hehe..matchmaker matchmaker make me a match..i need a man who can whip up a batch..of rooomaaannnccceee!...lol...anyway, gawd.......pishaw..i'mm gunna goo...well i'll talk to yall later!!!!!! I LOVE AMANDA!!                  ehehe   guess who i am going to go see in concert soon?...go on guess...give up...here they are!   

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Friday, January 14th, 2005
11:34 am - hey
god i am so glad that my dad is here..it means sooo much..i want to go live with him in japan but my mom wont let me..hmm..but that is ok...it's different now than it was there..it was alot easier..life was better, but you cant always live an easy life..you have to take what you get and if you dont like it oh well..life goes on...and thats the good thing, you can always count on that. It's hard to deal with all the stuff i have to deal with, family, friends, school..i sometimes dont know why i do..but i just see it as an oppurtunity to show everyone here that i'm not dumb, and that i am not worthless..and that i do care about myself..i hate it when they think  i dont.but whatever..i have to go..my stepdad is griping.

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Thursday, January 6th, 2005
4:59 am - gaww
wtf..i cant sleep, i have cotton mouth..I need some pills..jesus, If i dont sleep i'm gunna shrivvle up like a farkin prune and die...lord. And i'm downstairs, by the computer listning to the sounds of the house..it's sooo quiet..it's farkin scary. I need sleeeeep

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Wednesday, January 5th, 2005
2:03 pm - hehe

god i have to pee..i'm in biology class..just waiting for the bell to ring..it's the last period..grrr..lol

hmm...i didnt get any sleep last night..i felt so paranoid and i dont know why it was pretty freaky..i kept staring at my closed door like it was going to open or something..i dunno..and then i heard some freaky thing out side of my window..it sounded like a talking beehive..it was reeeeely creepy..well i got to go...i'll write more later...cya

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Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
4:12 pm - way down

"Cemetery Drive"

this night, walk the dead
in the solitary style
and crash the cemetery gates.
in the dress your husband hates
way down, mark the grave
where the search lights find us
drinking by the mausoleum door
and they found you on the bathroom floor

i miss you, i miss you so far
and the collision of your kiss that made it so hard

back home, off the run
singing songs that make you slit your wrist
it isn't that much fun, staring down a loaded gun
so i won't stop dying, won't stop lying
if you want i'll keep on crying
did you get what you deserve?
is this what you always want me for?

i miss you, i miss you so far
and the collision of your kiss that made it so hard

way down, way down
way down, way down
way down, way down
way down, way down

i miss you, i miss you so far
and the collision of your kiss that made it so hard

i miss you, i miss you so far
and the collision of your kiss that made it so hard
made it so hard

way down, way down
way down, way down
way down, way down
way down, way down

way down

i'm the blonde

current mood: busy

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Monday, January 3rd, 2005
11:21 pm - mooo....I'm not okay (i promise)

I miss my friend amanda...god...she was here one day and now she is gone, that is such poop...it's not fair that she has to live in stupid dumb head virginia!! i will see you in feb my nimble minded friend..and remember..."you dance like a farkin fairy"  ANY way...hmmm...i'm tired in the non tired way..it's gay. My icon thing is scaring me...nightmares...good. c'mon wensday..can't wait. Hardy hardy I'm bored...god i'm bored...there is honestly nothing to do..I'm gunna streach my ears to twos...they are fours right now..i have plugs in..they are cute...aww...anyway...chyanne darnit how do you make the frigges boxes on the screen go all the way to the laft side of the screen..you know..where the journal entries go...i wanna know...i cant see my beautiful picture...gaw..i've tried..it's pissin me off...well i got to go..peace!..bye


current mood: chipper

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5:52 pm - hey

 Hey yall, dang i cant wait to get back to school!! hey chyanne my friend george has a slight crush on you...he wanted to know who you were like the day before we went on break, i just forgot to tell you. SO how is everyone? Man this break was soo blah..I was happy that i got to see amanda she is like the world to me, but we just didnt have alot to do...I wanted to go see that movied Darkness, but i guess it's too late..unless my step dad wants to take me, hehe....Hmm saosin is a really good band...i want to lick their toes...lol. Oy vey I got that my chemical romance cd...god they are better than i thought, their old stuff roxx too, it's a bit harder than the new stuff..but still you have to give them props. Ok well i'm done chattering..see ya!

current mood: weird

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Sunday, January 2nd, 2005
12:36 pm - fuck
you would think someones best friend would want to spend time with them on their last day...but no..i guess not, they would rather bunk up with a boy they hardly know...you've changed

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Saturday, January 1st, 2005
9:15 pm - xxxsaosinxxx


We try but Avalon is always beside me
And I'm falling apart, where is my home?
A riot grows and his eyes open up
I once believed I would set you in line

If only I had the strength then maybe you could believe in something else

If you keep asking me I'll melt away in the summer air
It won't hurt half as much and I'll beg for you to stop it now
If you keep asking me I'll melt away in the summer air
It won't hurt half as much and I'll beg for you to just tell me something

Through and through the alpha waves and power cables everywhere
Exercising self-control
The child calls and she lies open
I once believed if only I was thinking at all

If only I had the strength then maybe you could believe in something else

If you keep asking me I'll melt away in the summer air
It won't hurt half as much and I'll beg for you to stop it now
If you keep asking me I'll melt away in the summer air
It won't hurt half as much and I'll beg for you to just tell me something

If only I had the strength then maybe you could believe in something else

If you keep asking me I'll melt away in the summer air
It won't hurt half as much and I'll beg for you to stop it now
If you keep asking me I'll melt away in the summer air
It won't hurt half as much and I'll beg for you to just tell me something

You stole out like my life
So I'm engaged to smile

current mood: blah

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8:51 pm - SaOsIn

Taking on seven years the holy ghost had left alone

Test my arms, kick like crazy
And Ive been trying way to long
only if he could push his way off to fight you
im sorry, im sorry, im not sure
Getting off my chest
the story ends
I would find a way without you
(tell him his eyes see too clear)
That mistake was gold
I know that without you
its something that I could never do
that was why staple the eyes and
seven dates for me to sell machines
and tear on
seven years you assured me
that Id be fine if I complied
only push the way off to fight you
Im sorry Im sorry im not sure
getting my chest the story now ends
I would find a way without you
(tell him his eyes see too clear)

Dont treat me Im to blame
Dont treat me like I ever accused you

current mood: complacent

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3:31 pm - LaUrA

~First of all i know it might have been alittle confusing to know that she had a son, well me and my best friend had made up a plot the other night and i just decided to spring it up on you guys without explaining, so here is the story before hand.~
( I changed it up alittle, the little boy that was sacrificed survived and turned into a vamp)

The sweat dropped from her forehead, the hunger creeping upon her like a virus, slowly climbing her body. Laura licked her lips, listning closly, she could hear a pulse...beating...steadily. She sat up, wiped the sweat off of her head with the back of her hand and searched the room. "Hmm, your hungry arent you my queen. I've brought you something quite tasty..." Desperatly she jumped from the bed, clawing at the floor, crawling to him. "Feed..feed me." Lauras eyes bulged, watery and glazed with hunger.A small boy came from behind David, tears in his tiny eyes...ready to be sacrificed for the good of his family. "Please..dont..dont hurt my mommy.." David touched the boys shoulder, carassing it gently. "No one will hurt them, all thanks to you...now give her your neck." David pushed the boy to Laura, as he outstreached his neck Laura winced...a virgin to killing, and unable to handle his life. "David..I..I cant kill..." Laura pushed the boy away, wiping the drool from her mouth. "Laura drink or die...what will it be?If you dont feed right now eventually you will starve...I knew it was a bad idea to change you...your so immature." David grabbed the boy by the hair, lifting him from the ground. "No, No david i'll feed, just put him down." Laura pleaded, grabbing the littleboys shirt. She pulled him to her, wrapping her arms around him. "Dont be afraid...It wont hurt." Laura pulled her hair back, lowered her mouth to his skin and bit, her fangs slid forth, puncturing the sweet flesh...The blood escaping from his veins. "god, save my soul..." (This is where the story startes back up, officially..)

David took the little boy up into his arms, slinging him over his shoulder. Laura watched  the pale little figure crumble and fold, his hands swinging freely down David's back. She noticed his eyes, still fluttering and beating, flickering on and off like a light. "David, stop!" Laura got up off the floor. " I think he is still alive, his eyes, they were moving." David sighed, "He's dead, i watched you drink his blood, i watched him hit the floor, dead...." But he was wrong, a small cry of pain escaped the little boys lips. He begain to lift his head, coughing and choking on the air. "David lay him on the bed, now." Laura was panicked her hands cupping the boys face, trying to calm him down. "Laura you cant change him, please you cant." David protested, another generation was too much, they couldnt handle it. "David please, look at him, we cant let him die, let alone let him drag on like this forever." David quickley lay the body down, gently sliding his hand from behind the boys head. "Now laura are you sure, I'm not the one responsible for him, he drinks your blood not mine." Laura put her hand to her wrist, "I'm more than sure." She dug her nail into the flesh and made a thick cut, the blood running down her arm. "Put it to his mouth, let him drink." Laura complied. The boy reluctantly came through, his greedy sucking, his fast and anxious hands gripping her bloody hand. "God, david when...when will he stop...how do i make him stop." Laura tried to pull her hand away, but the boys grip was too strong. David snickered, " I told you." He grabbed the boys hands and pryed them away, his mouth slowly followed. Laura and david stepped back, observing the child as he licked the remaining blood from his fingers.
 ( I will write more later, i have to go)

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Thursday, December 30th, 2004
7:33 pm - hey guys
Laura lay face flat on the ground, chocking on blood, as david slowly crawled to her, the agonizing pain wreithing through his body. "Lau....Laura" He reached out and touched her head, the dark cut now overflowing with blood. "david, I.." the words were caught between a hacking episode, her coughs sprayed blood on the floor. "David, how can we get away." Laura wimpered, the tears draining from her eyes. David scooted closer, placing his cheek on her neck. "I dont know, I feel so weak." They had been poched, sabatoged. David told Laura not to wander away,he knew what had happened to their son. As he rounded the narrow corner of the street after her he was hit over the head, the last thing he saw was his lovers face, covered in blood. "Where's my son, I want my son." Lara lifted her head, looking around the bright room. "Oh my god david the sun, the sun." She screamed in pain, it burned her eyes. Carefully Lara propped herself up, resting on her hands. "Laura dont go, you dont know what they can do...we dont know who they are." David managed to sit up, rubbing the big bruise on his head. "god dammit, those ass holes got me good." Laura half smiled, the cut on her lip breaking. "David, my blood...it's...I cant feel my body." They were starving and weak, both lacking the strenght to fight. "I need to get up...My son is out there...he could be hurt, i need him.." her voice was distant, the tears now racing down her face. She got up, her knees wobbling with each petty step.

Ok..so you didnt know she had a son...i'll explain it later... it;s difficult

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Wednesday, December 29th, 2004
1:03 pm - dont coopy meh

Why does everyone feel the need to incessantly copy me??

first ______ jocking my ______ style...

then _______copying my journal almost exactly...

I HATE IT!!!!!!!

It makes me feel unoriginal...

when really it's them who are horribly unintouch with ________...

but what the fuck ever...

_______ needs to stop..

and so does ______

one more person copies me and I swear to god...

I'm going to rip off ________'s face...

everyone's just jealous...(yea you big babies)

I don't know what for...

(because i'm better than that)??

is everyone blinde (yea are you all blinde) -pronounced bleendee-or somehting...


just stop copying me...

JESUS ______________!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pisses me off to AN extent...

I wish I was a voodoo doll..





this was unessicary..just my point..people go too far, read first line!

current mood: yup..annoyed

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